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Ecuador and Germany Tighten Commercial Bonds

EU-Latin-America-LAM-617x210By Maria Teresita Ordaz, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. 

The Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Integration of Ecuador, Francisco Rivadeneira, opened a round of negotiations between Ecuadorian and German entrepreneurs on Wednesday April 17, 2013. The Institute for the Promotion of Exports and Investments Pro Ecuador organized the event with the aim of promoting Ecuadorian export supplies in the country, which is the third largest target market for Ecuador in the European Union (EU).

“Ecuador has high expectations of business with Germany and Europe in general,” said Vice Minister Rivadeneira. He also reiterated the government’s strong political will to negotiate a Trade and Development Agreement with the European Union, which would provide greater stability and facilities for the exchange of goods and services with the region. In addition, Vice Minister Rivadeneira highlighted the excellent quality of Ecuadorian products. “Not only are we the largest exporter of bananas in the world, but also export the best bananas in the world,” he said.

Around 30 companies from all over Germany gathered at the meeting to talk directly with 36 Ecuadorian producers of various sectors such as cocoa, coffee, processed foods, marine products, palm oil, straw hats, and more. Thus, Ecuadorian entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to personally present their products to potential German customers.

Although entrepreneurs usually close deals immediately after such meetings, the final impact is measured in the short term, as information exchange continues for weeks and months and the majority of agreements are completed to close the distance.

During this process, Pro Ecuador, through its regional offices in the country and commercial offices around the world, supports exporters by sending samples, giving advice to potential customers, and facilitating the selling process in general.

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