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Passihno: dancing with the hope of a better future.

20130524 passinho_dance

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By Maria Teresita Ordaz Apolinar

A new kind of dance that was born in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas in 2007, is making quite a stir in the world of dance and specially spreading across poorest communities in Brazil.

The reason? In places were violence reigns, the economic resources are limited and drug dealers control most of the territories, a few young still dream of other paths through which they can help their families to get out of the slums and become “somebody”. And this is exactly what this mix of samba, funk and break dance named Passihno represents for these young practitioners.

A very popular video launched in youtube (currently counts more than 4,000,000 views) helped to catapult the popular movement, also attiring the attention of international media. As well, a prize-winning documentary that explains the Passihno phenomena by Director Emilio Domingos is contributing to the recognition this kids are getting based on their amazing dance techniques, and moreover showing that one of the biggest challenges for them seems to be how to get the financial help they need to further develop their careers as artists in Brazil.

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