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Blog Update: New Speakers List

We added a new feature to the ICD News Blog which enables you to find out more information about the speakers that attend our conferences. Hover over the link below where you can find out more about the speakers that you are interested in; each link contains video footage of your chosen speaker, and background information on … Continue reading

David Soul Presents “Cuban Soul” Mission

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Brazilian Accordionist and Singer “Dominguinhos” Passes Away

By Caio Bertazzoli, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Brazil mourns the loss of one of its most important and influential artists of the century. The accordionist, singer and composer Dominguinhos died this Tuesday the 23rd, after a seven year battle against lung cancer. He was 72. Known not only for his musical genius, Dominguinhos was also … Continue reading

“Day of Struggle” for Workers in Brazil

By VLADISLAV CHERNIY, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Another wave of protests began this Thursday as the biggest trade unions of Brazil organised strikes for better working conditions and an improvement of the social conditions for workers. As of Thursday, approximately 2,500 workers refused to go to work because of the demand for rapid reforms. Teachers, … Continue reading

Mexico Embarks on an Anti-Hunger Program

By VLADISLAV CHERNIY, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy “Hunger, for many, is perhaps an ignored truth. There are those who do not know about it. Others, perhaps, do not accept it and some do not even dare to mention it.” Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico World hunger refers to the second definition, aggregated to the … Continue reading

The Responsibility to Protect Doctrine (R2P) and the Global Civil Society

By VLADISLAV CHERNIY, The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy On the 27 May, 2013, with the occasion of International Symposium on Human Rights, organised by Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Javier El-Hage who is a Bolivian attorney and constitutional law professor, delivered speech on the issue of “The Responsibility to Protect Doctrine (R2P), and the Global Civil Society“. The … Continue reading

Successful Socio-Environmental Processes Protecting Urban Ecosystems Facing Climate Change

By VLADISLAV CHERNIY, The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Natural Planet Foundation is non-governmental organisation from Colombia that attempts to protect the environment through special programs and projects that aimed at educational institutions, government agencies, promote rational use of natural resources, species in danger of extinction as well as preserve the quality of life. “NPF does educational … Continue reading

Colombia Comes Closer to Berlin.

On Thursday, May 16 th, 2013, the “Spanisches Filmfest Berlin”, in collaboration with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and The Colombia Carnival association, organized a Colombian event at the ICD House. The event, chaired by Santiago Gomez Rojas, director of the Spanisches Film Fest Berlin, aimed to promote a deeper understanding of Spanish and Latin American culture … Continue reading

“Labor Rights for Migrant Care and Domestic Workers in Contemporary Society”

By Cristina Elena Pestrea, The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. The Dulcamara Womens Association is an non-governmental organization created in 2010 by a group of ecuatorian women. The main goals and missions of the Dulcamara Association are fighting for gender equality on the labor market and not only, women empowerment, and building solidarity. On the 28th … Continue reading

Overcoming Structural Barriers to Growth with Equity in Small Developing Countries – Perspectives from Belize

“Many of us were taught in school during the Middle Ages that there was little or no economic improvement over some eight centuries. Then came the industrial revolution, when it comes consistently advanced aid that was extraordinary by any former historical standard. We were then told to draw the conclusion that technical advance was the … Continue reading

The London Art as Cultural Diplomacy Conference 2013

“Contemporary International Dialogue: Art-based Developments and Culture Shared between Nations”August 21st, 2013

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