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David Soul Presents “Cuban Soul” Mission

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Successful Socio-Environmental Processes Protecting Urban Ecosystems Facing Climate Change

By VLADISLAV CHERNIY, The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Natural Planet Foundation is non-governmental organisation from Colombia that attempts to protect the environment through special programs and projects that aimed at educational institutions, government agencies, promote rational use of natural resources, species in danger of extinction as well as preserve the quality of life. “NPF does educational … Continue reading

An Interview with Prof. Juan R. Monroy, Founder and Chairman, Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Society Institute

The ICD welcomes Professor Juan R. Monroy who dedicated a lot of efforts in promoting Latin American classic, traditional music and its values in Europe. Music, rhythm and dancing, in fact represents some of the main aspects that particularly characterise the Latin American Identity. Professor Juan R. Monroy explains the main cultural differences with the … Continue reading

Interview with Amb. Mauricio Rodriguez Munera (Ambassador of Colombia to the UK)

Q.  How relevant do you think the arts are as a form of cultural diplomacy? A.I think artists are the best ambassadors of a country, not just of its culture but its values, its history and its traditions and I think that a smart diplomatic strategy should ask artists to present their creations abroad as … Continue reading

Interview with Amb. Maria Beatriz Souviron (Ambassador of Bolivia toin the United Kingdom)

Q. How relevant do you think art is as an accessible form of cultural diplomacy? A.  I think art is an important form of cultural diplomacy. The exchange of the natural and original art of a country and the understanding of it can be seen as a large part of cultural diplomacy. Q. How do … Continue reading

Interview with The Hon. Norman Garcia Paz (Ambassador of Honduras to Spain; Former Minister of Trade and Industry of Honduras; Former Minister of Tourism of Honduras)

Interview conducted by Kim Cornett & Ashley S. Fitzpatrick. Q1. This week it was announced that a special investigation unit would be established to investigate the murders in the gay community. This is a positive step by the government however it does point out that free speech is in danger in Honduras. What do you … Continue reading

Interview with Prof. Dr. Dieter Ingenschay (Professor of Latin American Literature, Humboldt University; Germany)

How much is Latin America’s relationship with Europe reflected in Latin American literature? That is a very difficult subject; I think it is reflected by the language itself. Most of the literature is written in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English. Spanish is the most influential language, so this is the first connection, then on the … Continue reading

Interview with Reginaldo Vincentim (Director, COAGROSOL)

Interview conducted by Kathleen Vesper. Q1.Fair trade first started with a political agenda and has now also quite a moralistic background. Is that still a dream for fair trading to be truly fair? It really works. It is not a dream but it is a difficult question. Because if you look at it from one … Continue reading

Interview with Michaela Balke (Representative, Oikocredit)

Q1.Are you working in the Middle East or have you given credits to the Middle Eastern region? It could be since the OIKO credit was always promoted as an ecumenical Christian organization, or it could be that they were not allowed to enter certain countries.  But now the rules are from the Church, but the … Continue reading

Interview with Héctor Medellín (TV Presenter, Deutsche Welle)

Q1.To what extent does Deutsche Welle actually cover Latin American News and Latin American Events? We cover Latin American events as far as they are of international interest in Latin America itself. We look for issues in Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Mexico and hope it is interesting as well, because we are an international … Continue reading

The London Art as Cultural Diplomacy Conference 2013

“Contemporary International Dialogue: Art-based Developments and Culture Shared between Nations”August 21st, 2013

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