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Cultural Insight on Brazilian Samba Music

Samba has been regarded as one of the most popular music in Brazil and it is considered to be the national music of Brazil. Samba Music represents Brazilian vibe internationally with its colorful dresses, exceptional atmosphere and unique rhyme. Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies Publication Institute for Cultural Diplomacy http://www.ccds-berlin.de http://www.culturaldiplomacy.org Advertisements

An Interview with Prof. Juan R. Monroy, Founder and Chairman, Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Society Institute

The ICD welcomes Professor Juan R. Monroy who dedicated a lot of efforts in promoting Latin American classic, traditional music and its values in Europe. Music, rhythm and dancing, in fact represents some of the main aspects that particularly characterise the Latin American Identity. Professor Juan R. Monroy explains the main cultural differences with the … Continue reading

Passihno: dancing with the hope of a better future.

By Maria Teresita Ordaz Apolinar A new kind of dance that was born in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas in 2007, is making quite a stir in the world of dance and specially spreading across poorest communities in Brazil. The reason? In places were violence reigns, the economic resources are limited and drug dealers control most … Continue reading

A model of Cultural Diplomacy through music: El Sistema.

By Maria Teresita Ordaz Apolinar Conceived as a model that seeks to incorporate children and underprivileged youth in the musical world, El Sistema has today worldwide recognition thanks to its achievements in promoting social change by providing opportunities for those without family or economic support to start a musical career. In the words of its … Continue reading

The London Art as Cultural Diplomacy Conference 2013

“Contemporary International Dialogue: Art-based Developments and Culture Shared between Nations”August 21st, 2013

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