“Nuestra America” 2010

nuestraThe year 2010 marks the two hundred year anniversary of the beginning of the Latin American Independence movements. It was two centuries ago that Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile declared their independence, with Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela doing so either the year before or after. The year 1810 therefore represents an important turning point in the history of Latin America, resulting in the emergence of new nation states and constituting the first step in the process of breaking from European colonial rule. The nature of this process remains an important talking point today.

Nuestra America: Celebrating 200 years of Latin American Independence and Looking Towards an Interdependent Tomorrow” has been developed by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy to analyze the importance of the Latin American independence movements to the development of the region over the subsequent 200 years. It used this foundation to focus on the challenges ahead for the region, explore new strategies and approaches being taken to address these challenges, and consider the role that Europe and other regions can play in supporting Latin American stakeholders. In particular, the congress considered the role that can and must be played by the younger generation in supporting and strengthening sustainable Latin American development.

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